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6C23 Kung Fu Massage : (5000 years Meridian History in China, Chi-Gong, Collateral, Channel Panics, Chinese Kung Fu, Acupoints Massage, Acupressure Massage, Lymphatic Massage(chest), Feel Young (Good) Massage, and Fascia Massage.

Here, no need to take medicine, no need injection steroid, no need surgery, All Nature Holistic Healing.

Headache (Pain)* Dizziness * Stiff-Neck * Neck (Pain) * Shoulder (Pain) * Chest (Pain) * Wrist Joint (Pain) * Tennis Elbow * Carpal Tunnel Pain * Lower and Upper Back (Pain) * Sciatic-Nerve Pain * Sprain of Ankle Joint * Immune System * Meridians/Channels Massage  * Prenatal Massage(5months after) * Facial Massage* People who wants to lose weight * People who depress * People who want to sleep well * People who want to get Natural Energy

Chinese Kung-Fu - "Fist Principles" Train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.


Authentic Meridians Massage (The Newest Advanced Original Ancient Meridians Technology 5000 years - Myofascial Continuity)

Energy is from the Heart; Medicine is from the Hand  Make an Online Appointment

We massage meridians (Energy transportation from myofasciae) not muscle, we make your circulation good through the energy channels which is in the meridians, when you have toxins in the meridians, we pull/take it out. We can clean your chennels/meridians, once it got cleaned, you will feel the whole body lighter and pain away, because energy(resonance frequency) go through your meridians is better after I clean up/pull out the toxins from the meridians. It is like the traffic jam is cleared in the freeway, you can delivery materials to the target/city/town smoothly, there is no more traffic jam so you do not feel pain. Do not drink cold and ice water or anything, because once you drink cold or ice water, it change your organs temperture and make the circulation slow down, once your circulation slow down the toxin will stay, especially after exercise when sweating, it is a good timing to get rid of toxins from your body. But if you drink lot of ice water after exercise, you will keep toxins stay inside your body since cold water slow down your circulation. Since toxin stay so bacteria stay because all their food here. For a long while after like this situation happened, your will get muscle pain and joint pain. Because toxins usually stay in deep muscle, joints gap. Tha't why a lot American usually suffer here pain, there pain, and everywhere pain.  So, please drink warm water or regular temperture water but not cold water after exercise. 

When the toxins/waste materials block the meridians and cause energy/resonance become off/weak in the meridians, the toxins can not be got out from your tissues through meridians that cause toxins/waste materials stay, you will feel "pain", we clean up your toxins with traditional way (5,000 years ago meridians technology in China). There is no side effect and all natural, it is easy, safe, clean, green but powerful, billions of people is still using this skill in the world.  It is the most powerful therapeutic massage in the world. Human being heals human being, not equipments/steroid/chemical medicine heals human being.


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Patch for Acupressure Point on Meridians


1. Many circulation diseases, chronic diseases could be treated by "external" treatment. (But hereditary, malnutritions are not diseases, they are incurable)

2. Massage, manipulative is an external treatment.

3. Massage therapy is the most helpful way to improve the circulation of the human body. GOD created man gives a number of features and capabilities. Through hands we can improve the health and comfort to the soul.

4. Having good blood circulation means having good health. When blood circulation is slowing down and it can't be reached through one area or organs, then it will cause that area "PAIN", and that's why when we stared feeling pain/uncomfortable.

5. "Pain", is the defense function of a human body. It's the alarm system of making someone to be aware of something happening in our body. Originally, we don't feel pain in some area, but through rubbing the body, sometimes we would feel more pain coming out, that's because our neural response (The cell membrane potential come back).

Meridians/Channels of Myofascial Continuity

6. "Chi" is the energy with the style of resonance transportation energy through meridians and channels inside human body. Therefore, we say that Chi=Resonance Frequency=The dynamics of blood circulations (There are 12 medians in the human body; each meridian has its own unique resonance frequency).

7. "Meridian" is all allover to connect the organs and all muscles and is where the resonance wave transfer, a Meridian is like an artery (flexible like a spring) with a vein (not elastic like a wire), plus many arranged in a certain distance "Acupoint" made up. These meridians produce a specific resonant frequency, cause the veins and arteries have good resonance.

8. Meridian (energy go through it by resonance); channel of myofascial continuity (energy go through it by flow and infiltration, instead of resonance)

9. Bone is the foundation of all myofascial meridians because all blood vessels and muscles are hanging on the bones. If there is a crooked singe, then each Meridian are blocked. "Myofascial Meridians" are not "Meridians" but a lot amount of them is overlapped.


10. “Acupoint” is on the Meridian, it is a lump of flesh, where the blood vessel and nerve coming in and where part of the artery and vein micro circulation area. It looks like a smaller organ located between arteries and veins. It is also the area where local lowest resistance point, however, Acupoint is also where the body waste rally point.

11. "Acupoint" this lump of meat go along with heart beats (resonance), Acupoint is the largest resonance frequency point. Massage the Acupoint means suppressing vibrations, and will strengthen resonance from arterial, so that blood distribution will be changed.

12. “Acupuncture” is to change the Acupoint pressure, so that the whole resonance system will be differently than the original, that is, changing the distribution of pressure waves (resonance) in human’s body. So that, the blood distribution will be changed as well. (Or heat treatment in order to softening Acupoint, resonance will be changed)

13. Organs and Acupoint are the pressure stations of resonance, not loading of the body(Brain is the only one area which loaded in human's body) they are all supply blood to theBrain” as ultimate goal. Autism, depression (poor brain circulation), and intellectual disabilities, in some cases, we got to consider about our organs if they are health or not.

Kinetic Energy/Potential Energy

14. The flow of blood from the heart, when it comes to the big bend (180 degree) of the rises of artery, the blood flow (Kinetic energy) convert to “Pressure Wave” (Potential Energy). The pressure wave=Resonance=Chi. The host rises of artery of this big bend location is where Tan-Chung Point located. Heart beats at Tan-Chung Point, then energy is spread on each different meridian (The source of “Chi” is from Tan-Chung Point)

15. The fetal heart beating consequently when he grows, heartbeat, and produce different frequencies so that different organs formed as specific cell occurs. In other words, to maintain the resonance frequency of the heart, the blood will be easily going into the organs. Heart must beat stably in order to provide energy, on the one hand, to allow the evolution of genes.

16. All organs hanging on the main artery through a 90 degree hard tube. The reason is to convert the kinetic energy (blood flow) to potential energy (Pressure wave=resonance=Chi).


Resonant Frequency

17. Heart jumps 1 time→ The Liver Meridian (Yin) Jump 1 time; Kidney Meridian ( Yin ) Jump 2 times; Spleen meridian ( Yin ) Jump 3 times; The Lung Meridian ( Yin ) Jump 4 times; Stomach Meridian ( YinYang ) Jump 5 times; The Gallbladder Meridian ( Yang ) Jump 6 times; Bladder Meridian ( Yang ) Jump 7 times; Large intestine Meridian ( Yang ) Jump 8 times; Sanjiao Meridian ( Yang ) Jump 9 times; The Small intestine Meridian ( YangYin ) Jump 10 times; The Heart Meridian ( Yin ) Jump 11 times; The Pericardium Meridian ( Yin ) Jump 12 times.

18. 0~4 Low-Frequency-The five organs [Heart(0), Liver(1), Kidney(2), Spleen(3), Lung(4)] are more important than meridians; 5~10 High-Frequency-The meridians are more important than other six organs [Stomach(5), Gallbladder(6), Bladder(7), Large intestine(8), Sanjiao(9), Small intestine(10)]

19. Since the human body gets resonance (pressure wave) transferring, so there must be having a place to prevent resonance reflection-where we called the "First Aid" point.

("Energy Point" is like "Ellipse Focus") see photos

Upper First Aid Point (Zen-Chung Point)-Energy Point (Yin-Tong Point)-Gallbladder meridian (6)

Middle First Aid Point (Law-Kung Point)-Energy Point (Tan-Chung Point)-Lung meridian (4)

Down side First Aid Point (Yang-Quan Point)-Energy Point (Dan-Tien Point)-Kidney meridian (2)


20. Hypertension is when there is an important part(meridians or organs) of our body do not have enough oxygen (), our body control system will automatically have heart push more in order to let more blood come in to the orgens. That’s why we say when hypertension occurs which means cardiac function is still working fine. Meanwhile, which also means that the lungs function is not good (complications are brain atrophy). The circulation of treatment is where at the intersection of Bladder meridian (7) and Lung meridian (4).

21. Ventricular hypertrophy=Whole body oxygen deficit=Lung function is not good

22. Arrhythmia (Manages the membrane sagging)=oxygen deficit

23. Stroke means cerebral hemorrhage (Cerebral serious ). Once Ischemia happens it will stimulates the heart, heart will be working harder to provide more blood to the hypoxic brain, however, hypoxia part vascular fragile broke under pressure. (Vessels to the head is controlled by Gallbladder meridian)

24. "Ming-men point" is the most important Acupoint in human's body, and is directly related to coronary. So stand still (pile) and practice Chinese martial art is good for your health.

25. Weaken heart will cause the hands and feet easily to sprain.

Acid Water

26. CO2 + H2 O → H2 CO3 (carbonated) → H-+ (the hydrogen ions) +HCO3 (carbonate ions) these ions with charged, it can’t pass through the cell membrane and it had to stay outside the cell assembly, and then becoming acid water.

27. Acid water is most likely to occur in the deep parts of joints, muscles, especially in Bursa in the joints and ligaments around, so that pain occurs. So we said CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is not good for our health, because it is easy to produce acid water (bacteria like acid water very much).

28. Big belly, double chin, and flabby arms are happened because of heart and lungs function is not good, and produces accumulation of acid water around our tissue.

29. How to get rid of acid water from tissue - ­To stretch. Stretch these organizations, extrusion to the acid water, position lock, then relax → Do it again (Yoga, Qi Gong, Kung Fu), the body of blood vessels is stretched tight/relaxes alternately in the operation. The benefit of stretch is the whole body is assigned to the energy (Stretch "tight" when resonance become high frequency while stretch "relax" when resonance bcome low frequency). That's why stretch is very comfortable.


30. Always remember, take care our lungs,. Do not make the blood circulation getting worse so that cancer is not easily to occur, because in patients who are poor lung function/hypoxia with malignant tumor before cancer occurs.

31. Sneezed, Lung Meridian (4) (Heart and lung function is not good)

32. Diabetes- heart and lung function is not good.

33. Asthma, caused by too much bacteria inside body/other conditions, so that keep our body clean, and having a good environment is very important too. It is a very serious situation because the bacterials has offensived to the "Palace" of the body.

34. Spleen meridian (3) is also very important, acquired vital energy, immunity, and digestion are all in here. Western medical system does not have "Spleen Meridian" such thing, they only have the organ-spleen (decomposition of broken red blood cells).

35. Heart cushion is not enough (Bad suspension) - Heart disease, high blood pressure which is controlled by Spleen meridian (3) 

Spleen Meridian Features:

a- Fixing, increasing cardiac output ability;

b- Reduced circulatory system resistance;

Heart blood flow is not enough (insufficient blood supply) – controlled by Bladder Meridian (7)

36. Insomnia, because of kidney Meridian (2) got some problem.

37. Brain stem is from the liver meridian (1). Gallbladder meridian (6)  (Yang) energy is composed from five organs (Yin) to offer/supply all required stuff for brain. That's why we said if somebody is "wise" which means his organs are healthy.

38. Sanjiao meridian (9)= Eight extra meridians where go around the surface of body ( High frequency )

39. Stiff neck (the head is hard to turn around); Treatment of the intersection of Bladder meridian (7) and Sanjiao meridian (9).

40. When you have a cold, virus attacks the body immune system (spleen meridian (3) , Gallbladder meridian (6), and Sanjiao meridian (9)). So all energy come back to protect our central system to defense virus (Lung Meridian (4), bladder meridian (7))

41. The ganglion is where at both sides of spinal in the back (Bladder meridian (7) in position) control the organs and the corresponding blood vessels, which means control visceral vascular control system. So when ganglia started hypoxia when corresponding organs circulation is bad. That’s why massage back is very comfortable because it directly treatment on the back of Acupoint conditioning the ganglia circulation, such as the Shin-Yu point on the bladder meridian, associated with the coronary artery.

42. Hand joints get injury, more caused by the shoulder joints problems, and most caused by the cervical vertebra problems.

43. If the body take good maintained, then the age of 80 would look like the age of 30.

44. If patients don't believe you, do not treat for them, because there is a placebo effect - "forgiveness" (40% of disease naturally treated, God gives people the ability). We can work with the other 40% of chronic diseases, so 80% of problems can be treated.


45. Chinese's view of the universe is circular, just like a human body operation is circular; everything has its periodicity, Meridian circulation as well (Meridian flow). Alternate between Yin and Yang. The five organs are belonging to Yin (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) which vibration slow; the other six organs are beloning to Yang (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) which vibrating faster. Chinese said that fast comes out with “Yang”; static comes out with “Yin”. And the five elements mutually reinforce each other.

46. Meridian flow (Alternating with Yin and Yang, and alternate with hand and foot)

1→ Gallbladder Meridian (Foot - Yang) 11:00 p.m.~1:00 a.m.

2→ Liver Meridian (Foot - Yin) 1:00 a.m.~3:00 a.m.

3→ Lung Meridian (Hand - Yin) 3:00 a.m.~5:00 a.m.

4→ Large intestine Meridian (Hand - Yang) 5:00 a.m.~7:00 a.m.

5→ Stomach Meridian (Foot - Yang) 7:00 a.m.~9:00 a.m.

6→ Spleen Meridian (Foot - Yin) 9:00 a.m.~11:00 a.m.

7→ Heart Meridian (Hand - Yin) 11:00 a.m.~1:00 p.m.

8→ Small Intestine Meridian (Hand - Yang) 1:00 p.m.~3:00 p.m.

9→ Bladder Meridian (Foot - Yang) 3:00 p.m.~5:00 p.m.

10→ Kidney Meridian (Foot - Yin) 5:00 p.m.~7:00 p.m.

11→ Pericardium Meridian (Hands - Yin) 7:00 p.m.~9:00 p.m.

12→ Sanjiao Meridian (Hand - Yang) 9:00 p.m.~11:00 p.m.

47. Related (In mathematics, linear - 3, 6, 9) ;

Conflict ( The addition in mathematics - such as 4=3+1; 5=2+3)

48. Massage, Manipulative, Skin scraping for acute filthy disease, Cupping skill



Addressing Fascia with Myofascial Release for Massage 

$45 (One session)

Monday to Saturday (from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm)

Area or Herbal essential oil massage, whole back wave massage, skin scraping, cupping, herb patch, neck and shoulder massage, head massage, arm/hand massage, foot massage, leg massage, tapping massage, increase the energy, Instant healing.

  1. Relaxing Ocean Wave Harmonic Massage
  2. Ceramic Hot Stone Scraping Open Energy Massage
  3. Suction Cup Detox Massage
  4. Detox Patch for Flushing Toxins in Meridians Massage
  5. Inner Peace Engergy Balancing Massage
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