Kung Fu Massage (Meridians Balm/Kung Fu Patch)        

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6C23 Kung Fu Massage : (5000 years Meridian History in China, Chi-Gong, Collateral, Channel Panics, Chinese Kung Fu, Acupoints Massage, Acupressure Massage, Adjust Massage, to Look Young (Good) / Feel Young (Good) Massage, and Fascia Massage.

Here, no need to take medicine, no need injection steroid, no need surgery, All Nature Holistic Healing.

Headache (Pain)* Dizziness * Stiff-Neck * Neck (Pain) * Shoulder (Pain) * Chest (Pain) * Wrist Joint (Pain) * Tennis Elbow * Carpal Tunnel Pain * Lower and Upper Back (Pain) * Sciatic-Nerve Pain * Sprain of Ankle Joint * Immune System * Meridians/Channels Massage  * Prenatal Massage * Facial Massage* People who wants to lose weight * People who depress * People who want to sleep well * People who want to get Natural Energy

Chinese Kung-Fu - "Fist Principles" Train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.

1 Kung Fu Class

We are seeking disciple now, must have Hawaii Massage License and insurance. need to sign contract agreement for 10 years. Chinese Fung Fu is 80% healing, 20% fighting.

Please visite "Wing Chung" vedio:  http://youtu.be/-7WVypfPm6w

Please visite "Fa Jin" vedio:  http://youtu.be/gjyNHtVBBKo

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu (Meridians Energy Practice-Stretching , It is powerful)
Many people like YOGA, actually it is stretching the energy channels/Meridians inside the body, India people they do not know they are stretching meridians, they just know certain stretching positions feel relaxing, that's it. Chinese Kung Fu is stretching the 12 meridians, because we know certain position is good stretching certain meridians, It is like you play guitar, if you make one string tight, it can be changed the tune. Same as meridians system inside the human being body. By doing certain Kung Fu/Positions, it will make certain energy/resonunce go though your meridian stronger. Once the Energy get stronger inside the meridians channel, it will get rid of the toxins inside the body easy, then you do not have pain. It is easy and simple but powerful !  

Teaching Language: English/Mandarin

Class Price: Free. 

You have to complete the whole 3 months classes 3 months $300, refund $300 if no absent during the training period of time. 


Daily, Monday to Friday 6:10 am ~ 6:50 am at Hawaii Kai 


Qi Gong- "Ba Duan Jin" (Meditative Movement) Please visit vedio:

Chan Chun- "Stand Still" (Zen Du Meridian- Calmness & Focus)

Fa Jin- "Ma Bu Gong Chui" (Inch Force Practice)


Wing Chun Kung Fu (Wooden Dummy)

Da Chun Kung Fu  http://youtu.be/5f4iyRp-oKY





Massage Class- Traditional Kung Fu Meridian Massage

Teaching Language: English/Mandarin

Need to sign contract agreement for 10 years


Daily, Monday to Friday 5:10 am ~ 5:50 am early in the morning