6C23 Meridian Technology
Authentic Kung Fu Massage | Instant Holistic Healing

6C23 Kung Fu Massage : (5000 years Meridian History in China, Chi-Gong, Collateral, Channel Panics, Chinese Kung Fu, Acupoints Massage, Acupressure Massage, Lymphatic Massage(chest), Feel Young (Good) Massage, and Fascia Massage.

Here, no need to take medicine, no need injection steroid, no need surgery, All Nature Holistic Healing.

Headache (Pain)* Dizziness * Stiff-Neck * Neck (Pain) * Shoulder (Pain) * Chest (Pain) * Wrist Joint (Pain) * Tennis Elbow * Carpal Tunnel Pain * Lower and Upper Back (Pain) * Sciatic-Nerve Pain * Sprain of Ankle Joint * Immune System * Meridians/Channels Massage  * Prenatal Massage(5months after) * Facial Massage* People who wants to lose weight * People who depress * People who want to sleep well * People who want to get Natural Energy

Chinese Kung-Fu - "Fist Principles" Train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.



Human being has 12 energy channels called "meridians". We can't see it with naked eyes

because the unseen energy circulated inside the body with resonance frequency (Chi).

Chinese has run this "CHI" system for more than 5000 years.


Temporary relief aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with simple

backache, strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises, rheumatism, cramp, gnats bite, itching,

burn, dizziness with all natural herbs. By using hand massage with Meridian Balm,

it will make energy go stronger through meridians. Do deep breathing 9 times after

using meridian balm each time. The most obviouse feeling you will have after using

it is that you would feel great relief underneath and around the pain/injured, muscles

and joints.

Meridian Balm is made with all nature herbs. It is reliable and safe to use. It also has

no side effects.


Clean and dry your skin before use. Apply Meridian Balm and massage with your hand

along the meridians or sore joints/muscles, up to 3 to 5 times a day.


Place under cool temperature. Keep it out of the reach of children.


For external use only and avoid any contact with the eyes. For anyone who is pregnant

or nursing, has sensitive skin, taking prescribed medication or under a doctor's care, 

please consult the health professional before use.  

Manufactured by:

Ay Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Taiwan, (R.O.C.)

U.S.A. Distributor:

6C23, LLC

99-128 Aiea Heights Drive, Suite 109, Aiea HI, 96701

1-808-258-5198 www.6c23.com

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